overland - the next big thing

That cover shot though...

That cover shot though...


Well, it happened. It's finally here - something I've been dying to announce for months now! Drumroll please...

We've been published in a magazine, Forrest and I. Not just any magazine, but the biggest freaking deal expedition and adventure travel magazine out there - Overland Journal! Seriously, for long distance motorcycle travel, both on and off road, the only thing which could feel bigger than this would be a spot National Geographic. And what's more? My photo is on the cover! That's right, that photo up there. ^ 

A little background on this then.

As some of you may know, myself, the hubby, and our good friend (Derek, pictured with Forrest above) embarked on a long distance ride through the southwest, with the intention of preparing for some bigger trips together in the future. The men were each gone for an extended period of time - Forrest for over a month, and Derek for 3 weeks, while I joined for the 10 days I could find freedom from the #worklife. It was by no means an easy trip. Admittedly, at the end of it we all departed for home, and were left wanting for the sort of fulfillment we had expected after completing such a journey. 

In many ways, our experience came down to expectations. Each of us had a very different idea of how we wished things to play out, but unfortunately no words passed between us to communicate these individual thoughts, on what we considered a successful end result. In the assumption that each of the others had the same outlook as ourselves, we found only frustration. Only in retrospect could we look back and see our own folly. 

Communication. One of the greatest lessons learned in this endeavor was the importance of it. How much of a difference being open and honest and laying out expectations can make in the outcome of your efforts, especially when relationships are involved. Truly, any form of relationship requires attentiveness to those details of interaction, especially when putting yourselves through physically and mentally challenging situations together. 

However, you will just have to read the Magazine itself know the whole story. ;) 

I've always thought it funny that we as humans are constantly in pursuit of adventure in life (myself included). When adventure is really just getting yourself into situations you don't enjoy at all in the moment, and now have to dig yourself out of. I believe the greatest benefit from such debacles comes from seeing things in retrospect - in taking the time to consider and understand the why, how and would I again?  Wisdom shows itself in how you respond to theses trials - do I grow and learn, or do I run from the decisions I've made? 

This feature however, is a perfect example of turning lemons into lemonade. We could have let a feeling of defeat overwhelm our thoughts and memories of this venture. We could have said Never Again and given up hope for any future exploits, but that's not how we chose to remember our story. Failure is only failure when you refuse to learn and grow from it. 

So hopefully this can be a little inspiration for the days when things just aren't going right. Maybe you can write an article about it, and find yourself on the cover of a magazine. :) 

~ SL


P.s. Here's some photos of the trip you can only see here. 


Samantha Lauraina