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just pretend i'm not here...

just pretend i'm not here...


Recently launching a more decided effort towards couples sessions, these two were an absolute treat to shoot! When you find two people, so comfortable, relaxed and in love, magic happens.

My families 80 acre farm makes a perfect location to romp. You want pine stands? We've got it. You want open fields? We've got it. You want a creek running through the forest? We've got that too. It also provides somewhat of a challenge in the inspiration department. Walking the same paths you've walked your entire life requires a different kind of focus on those you're taking photos of - seeing your surrounding through their eyes allows for a fresh perspective on this corner of the world you've traversed a million times. 

The familiarity can be a benefit too. Knowing which trees bloom in spring, and turn vibrant in the fall. Where the creek babbles softly for a romantic, tone-setting natural soundtrack. How the light filters through the leaves in your favorite spot at sunset. Years of film and stage training has taught me the importance of scene setting, and here I can put it to good use! 

A constant challenge when photographing people is creating atmosphere. If any other photographers read this, what are your tricks of the trade? 

Truly though, life is made simple when you have a couple to work with as amazing as these two.  It's a beautiful thing to photograph humans so at ease with each other, with years of love and life showing through each frame.

So take a moment to appreciate, and give me a shout out if you want your own moment held still in time. 



Samantha Lauraina