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It's me! A beautiful photo series by the lovely @blairwhyte_project 

It's me! A beautiful photo series by the lovely @blairwhyte_project 

How the days fly by. 

Sunrise, sunset, week after week, and I wonder how well I spend them. Even the phrase 'spending your days' implies time is a currency. How am I bartering - trading that time for something of value?       

What is it then that I value? There must be more to it though - what of purpose?                                  

It sometimes feels impossible in the day in, day out, to  consider your life as one of purpose. Appreciating the smaller moments becomes more of a focus in the realization that the tiny things you notice, and the seemingly meaningless decisions you make are what build into your lifetime. Finding purpose in intentionality. Truly, I feel most lost in life when I lose sight of being intentional with my days. Time Well Spent is key. 

The phrase Time Well Spent, is my own paraphrasing from the book The Five Love Languages  by Gary Chapman  - a marriage and relationship counselor who details five different ways in which individuals experience and understand love (he details this category as Quality Time, but I find my version a more specific descriptor for my life).   

The five categories are as follows - 

Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service (Devotion), and Physical Touch. 

I find that because these are some of the ways we perceive love, they also relate to the ways we choose to live our lives, and how we best find fulfillment. For instance, Quality Time (Time Well Spent) is my numero uno on this list. Investing time in someone is how I show I care! Cocktail hour, dinner out, photo sessions, getaway weekends-  it's something involving my time. 

Likewise, Physical touch relates to experiences - you want to do and feel and act! Dancing the night away, zip-lining  through the jungle, hiking to a mountaintop. Enjoying being in the midst of this great, wide world! 

Acts of service? We all (luckily) have at least one friend who is the giver in your relationship (if that person isn't you). Lending a hand, a shoulder to cry on, or your expertise is life.  Giving of yourself and your time is not so much a sacrifice, as the moments you feel most complete. Volunteering, fundraising, and equipping others to do the same - what would we do without you?  

The examples go on and on.

So then, how to move forward from thought life, to living life?

I will choose to value the time I'm given with those I love, the experiences I'm grateful to have, and appreciate the opportunities where I'm able to serve. I will choose to speak encouraging words, receive them graciously in return, and shower those in my life with thoughtfulness. I will find purpose in intentionality, and drag those I love along with me. ;) 

Life is too short to do otherwise.