let me say Welcome

image @smrphlps, edits - yours truly

image @smrphlps, edits - yours truly

It was a difficult decision, trying to decide how to introduce myself. What photos, what to say, how to say it - in the end I suppose it's best not to overthink things. 

Hi, I'm Samantha.

At this point I'm a content creator, hobbyist, collaborator, instigator, wanderer, daydreamer and doer. I like to steal moments and capture memories (don't worry, I give them back).  ;) 

The purpose of this little website is simple - to share current projects and adventures, thoughts in the midst of growing as a human, and challenging myself to continue developing new skills to help others realize their goals and dreams.  

Life itself is an amazing gift, and I hope to capture the essence of every aspect and angle it provides - the highs and lows, happiness, sorrows and the truth of it all. 

So hello for now - you'll be seeing more of me soon. 


- SL

Samantha Lauraina