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geared up = always prepared 

geared up = always prepared 

As riding season ramps down, appreciating opportunities in the week to explore your area becomes more of a focus. Busy fall schedules start to take hold, and those long summer weekends away turn to a couple hours of free time amidst long to-do lists. As Minnesotans, the pressure to enjoy whatever nice weather remains takes a decided uptick in September/October - 'Get out while you can' has an entirely different meaning in Minneapolis, the city soon to embrace once again it's title as Coldest Major Metropolitan Area in the USA. 

So, while the sun still shines without the risk of reflective snow burn (yes people, that is a thing), we get outside. Our areas warehouse districts provide excellent photo ops for the Stoic project, so with a little wandering you're bound to find something and somewhere worth exploring. 

To me, exploration and seeing the world in a new light is the purpose behind the camera. You meet people and see life through their eyes, climb mountains just to appreciate the view, and capture moments otherwise lost to memory. Below are a few snaps from our recent venture about our neighborhood, and a hidden gem of a location we're fine with keeping our little secret. 

Samantha Lauraina